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Cory Mackedanz

Inspection Services Inside Sales

Ben Connors

Inspection Services Manager

2D Digital Radiography Services

ISG believes that the services we provide can be of great value to our clients and we strive to have available the latest in cutting-edge x-ray imaging technologies to maximize this value.

Available 2D Digital Radiography Services Include:

  • Real-time product analysis helping you to identify the configuration, integrity and quality level of internal components.
  • We will assist in your failure analysis efforts by providing high-resolution x-ray imaging from every conceivable angle and view.
  • Experienced interpretation of results with assistance in identifying the potential root cause of failures.
  • Live manipulation of your product while x-ray imaging to determine what is occurring under load and operation.
  • Product screening for detection of contamination and/or foreign material.
  • And much more.

Contact us for more information on our
2D Digital Radiography Inspection Services.

ISG services are available on an hourly or per/part basis.
The pricing structure for hourly usage is as follows:

Inspection Equipment with NSI Trained Operator
Qualified NSI operator to run parts and provide images for evaluation by customer.

Inspection Equipment with Advanced Technical Support
Technique development and continuous high-level technical support and evaluation of results.

Take your x-ray inspection to another dimension with
3D Computed Tomography Services!